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Browse our connector catalog, and one thing is certain: The possibilities are nearly endless. Positronic carries nearly every size, shape, and connector configuration you could need. Of course, “nearly” is the operative word here. Our extensive catalog means we can serve customers across industries, with a wide range of applications and standards. However, technology is constantly advancing, and manufacturers continue to require faster, stronger, and more connective components. In short, while the connector market is certainly vast, some manufacturers may need connectors that are configured for a specific application. Is a custom connector your best option? Read on to find out.

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What Are Custom Connectors?

Keep in mind that the term “custom connector” doesn’t always refer to an entirely custom piece of equipment. At Positronic, there are three different tiers of so-called custom connectors. The first tier focuses on configurability, involving a potentially unique combination of standard choices. Think of this tier as a salad bar full of mix-and-match options. This can be as simple as adding accessories to a connector kit or, in cases like the Scorpion Family of products, configuring the entire connector to the application’s needs. The second tier involves making slight modifications to a standard component – for example, altering a solder tail length to suit a thicker printed circuit board (PCB). The final tier is entirely custom – a “clean-sheet design.” In these scenarios, manufacturers require a connector solution uniquely tailored to their application. But when is a tailored connector the best option?

When Is a Custom Connector the Best Option?

There are several scenarios in which a customer may require a uniquely tailored connector. First, some customers seek to create a proprietary, exclusive component. In these cases, a customer can lay claim to every aspect of a component, right down to the tooling and molds. By opting for a custom connector, manufacturers reduce the chance that competitors can mimic the proprietary design. This is especially true in applications where the interconnect adds substantial value to the higher-level assembly.

Custom connectors may also be a good option in situations where the connector selection is taking place late in the design process and the use of a standard connector is not possible for one reason or another. By opting for a uniquely tailored or fully custom component, manufacturers can specify the size, shape, number of contacts, performance, locking features, and more.

Our Custom Connectors

Do custom connectors seem like the right fit for your project? Positronic can help. We are one of the few companies in our industry offering “salad bar”-style configurable connectors. We can also create a proprietary, clean-sheet design for a unique end-user application. Additionally, one thing that sets us apart in the connector industry is our ability to offer uniquely tailored connectors at a relatively low volume. This volume varies depending on customer needs. For example, products that are essentially modified versions of standard connectors typically only require a 25-piece minimum buy. More unique connectors may require higher, but reasonable, minimum purchases.


So, when do custom connectors make sense? If you are pursuing a proprietary or unique application for your product, you may want to pursue some degree of customization. You may also have unique manufacturing needs that necessitate a uniquely configured variation of a standard connector. If you are interested in custom connectors from Positronic, the first step is to make contact with your local sales agent. They will begin by collecting your design requirements. From there, they will conduct a survey of our existing products to see if an existing solution exists. If it does not, we can walk with you every step of the way as we fashion your customized solution.

At Positronic, we believe in crafting versatile, high-quality connectors. Our design and manufacturing processes meet and often exceed our customers’ needs for quality and reliability. And to suit the needs of our varied customers, we have a plethora of options available. If you would like to request product recommendations, locate a sales agent, ask a technical question, or simply request a quote, please contact Positronic today.

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