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Environmental Policies

Positronic has established environmentally-responsible policies in all areas of its daily operations.


Positronic recycles many metals involved in our machining and plating processes, including brass, bronze, copper, steel, aluminum, nickel, tin and gold. Re-refined cutting oils and solvents are used in our machining process, and cutting tools are reused through resharpening or modification. In our molding process, glass-filled polyester scrap plastic is put to use in non-critical accessories and the remainder is recycled.

Packaging and Shipping

Positronic recycles cardboard and plastic materials used in packaging and shipping, as well as reusing protective packaging materials such as bubble wrap.


Throughout the company, Positronic reuses or recycles all waste paper and cardboard products. Office furniture, too, is reused wherever possible or recycled.

Computer Equipment

Recycled toner is used in all Positronic printers and copy machines. All computer and electronic equipment is recycled when it can no longer be used, including computer monitors, peripherals like keyboards and mice, internal components like CPUs and hard drives, network equipment, batteries, and all forms of physical media such as CDs.

Facility Maintenance

Positronic facilities use thermostat systems that reduce energy consumption when buildings are unoccupied. All disposable batteries used in office operations are recycled. We have also began the process of converting metal halide lighting to energy-saving fluorescent lighting in manufacturing, assembly and stock room areas. For supplies like shop towels, cloths, mops, etc; Positronic contracts with a supplier who uses reusable packaging instead of plastics for regular replenishment. Products used for ice melting at all facilities are environmentally friendly.