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Leadership Team

  • David Kean

    David Kean
    General Manager

  • Corinna Foley

    Corinna Foley
    Director of Sales

  • John Gentry

    John Gentry
    Director of Engineering

  • Mark Sample

    Mark Sample
    Director of Quality

    Springfield, MO, USA
  • Jay Sandidge

    Jay Sandidge
    Director of Marketing

  • Mike West

    Mike West
    Director of Operations

  • Stephané Beline

    Stéphane Béline
    Site Leader

    Positronic France
  • Chee Ming Pet

    Chee Ming Pet
    Site Leader

    Positronic Asia, Singapore
  • Yixue Chong

    Yixue Chong
    Site Leader

    Plasmotech, Singapore
  • Gen Carvel

    Gen Carvel

  • Denice Rankin

    Denice Rankin
    Human Resources Manager