Positronic is committed to maintaining a healthy workforce and safe environment for our employees around the world.

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Executive Team

  • David Kean | VP of Finance and Operations

    Customer service is a key component of our strategic plan. We are investing both financial and human resources to better understand the needs of our customers and then taking actions to meet or exceed those needs.

  • Gregory Rocque | President

    Great companies are created by ordinary individuals who become extraordinarily aligned. When you build strong partnerships between suppliers and your business, and your business and customers, the result is a superior customer experience. Delighted customers drive more demand for your products, and the process becomes a self-perpetuating journey.

  • Jason Hammons | VP Global Supply Chain Operation

    Building partnerships with our suppliers plays a critical role in our ability to continue exceeding customer expectations. Supply chain management is committed to providing on time delivery to our customers and improving efficiencies in order to maintain the quality and pricing our clients deserve.

  • John Gentry | CEO

    Customer service is more than just a duty; in order to excel at it we must embrace it as our life blood. Incorporating this mindset into our company culture helps us on our journey to becoming a better partner with our customers, our vendors, our community and our employees.

  • Med Hasib | VP of Engineering

    Customer-centric design thinking enables us to produce innovative products and solutions for our customer's toughest problems. Our talented engineering team continues to deliver superior products and services, which offer differentiated value proposition for our customers. Positronic's engineering team follows connect+innovate in pursuit of game-changing ideas and innovation in conjunction with emerging technology.

  • John Grimm | VP of Sales and Marketing

    Improving our overall customer service is a top priority here. We have ongoing initiatives to identify the common criteria our customers use to evaluate customer service, and we cross-check this criteria against the processes we currently have in place, ultimately looking for improvement opportunities.

  • Bill Gentry | VP of Business Development

    In an industry like ours, products are obviously central to our interactions with our customers. However, we can add significant value to an already great product by nurturing our customer relationships and helping them know they are valued.

Leadership Team

  • Todd Jones
     Director of Americas Field Sales
    Springfield, MO, USA
    We strive to provide services and solutions that exceed customer expectations and prevail as their preferred connector supplier.
  • Gaby Mindreci
    Director of European Sales
    Auch, France
    Our customers and their satisfaction largely defines our success, our growth and our future. Our mission is to ensure that.
  • Jay Sandidge
    Director of Asia Pacific (APAC) Sales
    Singapore, Singapore
    As a recent addition to the already effective APAC sales team, I am excited to continue building on the great customer service culture that is already in place.
  • Natesh Kannan
    Product Manager, Power
    Singapore, Singapore
    My Engineering background always determines to anticipate our customer’s desires even before they know they need it. The goal is to offer a superior product to the customers because every customer deserves a better class of product.
  • Corinna Foley
    Product Manager, DSub
    Springfield, MO, USA
    Each time we work with someone in need of a little extra support, Positronic has the opportunity to not only to directly impact his or her organization but that individual as well. Helping customers accomplish their goals or check a problem off their list of worries, delivers the kind of customer service we would all like to receive ourselves.
  • Anita Warner
    Director of Inside Sales and Distribution
    Springfield, MO, USA
    A focused effort is underway to more deeply engage our customers and improve our relationships with them. We are taking the feedback they are providing us through sales calls, emails and scorecards in an effort to improve the quality of both the customer experience and the product itself.
  • Mark Sample
    Global Director of Quality
    Springfield, MO, USA
    We are committed to reliably providing high quality parts that perform as expected the first time and every time. QA is actively engaged in leveraging our Quality Management System to continuously improve our processes in order to meet the high expectations of our customers.
  • Mike West
    Program Management Office Director
    Springfield, MO, USA
    Strategic Planning keeps us heading in the right direction, for the good of our customers and the future of the company.
  • Gary Sorrells
    Global Supplier Management Specialist
    Springfield, MO, USA
    We place top priority on providing responses as quickly as possible to customer inquiries. We continually study our processes to find ways to improve the quality of the information we provide and the time required to provide it.
  • Mark Harper
    Site Leader, Missouri Operations
    Springfield, MO, USA
    The goal of our Operations Team is to continually improve our people, processes, and performance, while all the time enjoying the journey.
  • Ng Kiang Chong (KC)
    Site Leader, Singapore Operations
    Singapore, Singapore
    Our Operations Team is focused on maximizing output, minimizing costs, and creating a fun place to work.
  • Stéphane Béline
    General Manager, France
    Auch, France
    Our Operations team is working actively with Sales, Engineering and other key departments to engage our customers and ensure that we meet their needs, especially as it relates to lead times.
  • Melanie Scott
    Marketing Communications Manager
    Springfield, MO, USA
    Our Marketing Team is focused on providing the best customer experience possible so that our customers have the resources and support to make informed decisions about their interconnect solutions.
  • Gen Carvel
    Finance Director/Controller
    Springfield, MO, USA
    Accounting seeks to make all customer requests a top priority. We keep a customer focus on every decision made or transaction processed.
  • Mary Ling
    Director of Human Resources
    Springfield, MO, USA
    Human Resources strives to recruit and retain the most qualified candidates for each position. Positronic is an organization where employees' skills are well aligned with the responsibilities of the job and this is critical to their job satisfaction, which helps propel the company forward in meeting its objectives.
  • Dusty Young
    Director of Information Technology
    Springfield, MO, USA
    The IT department strives to provide best-in-class technology and technical support to our employees so that they can properly service our customer base.
  • Scott Foley
    Global Compliance & Risk Manager
    Springfield, MO, USA
    Our Environmental Health and Safety department is committed to providing all of our global stakeholders the highest standards for protecting the natural environment, providing a safe work environment and practicing sustainable manufacturing.