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Initiativen zum Umweltschutz

Positronic recognizes the need for responsible management of our planet’s resources, and therefore we actively pursue several courses of action to do our part in maintaining a healthy environment.

California Proposition 65

California Proposition 65 Statement

Corporate Environmental Policies

Positronic strives to be eco-friendly in our day-to-day operations as a global company, in manufacturing and in all other departments. Learn more.

Conflict Minerals

In response to the Dodd-Frank Act, Positronic has undertaken steps to ensure that our actions do not contribute to human rights abuses or war and conflict in the DRC and surrounding countries.
Positronic Conflict Minerals Statement
Conflict Minerals EICCGeSIDD Compliance Declaration Excel Spreadsheet

Ozone Depletion Substances

Positronic warrants no ODS-Class I or Class IIs are used in our manufacturing processes, or in the design, testing, assembly, handling, transportation or maintenance of any product that we produce.


Positronic RoHS Compliance Statement


Positronic REACH Compliance Statement