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IP67 Waterproof Connectors

IP67 waterproof connectors are typically mounted on an enclosure and are intended to prevent water and dust ingress into the enclosure. They are used frequently in applications where the enclosure is exposed to a harsh environment and water and dust ingress must be prevented.

IP67 Waterproof Connectors Defined

sealed_waterproofEach character in the “IP67 waterproof connectors” nomenclature has significance. The letters “IP” stand for Ingress Protection. The first number that follows “IP” corresponds to the connector’s ability to prevent solid particle ingress, such as sand and dust, from entering the enclosure. The second number corresponds to its ability to protect the enclosure against liquid ingress. In the case of IP67, the six (6) means that the connectors prevent dust from entering the enclosure. The seven (7) indicates that the connector will prevent ingress when the enclosure is immersed in one meter of water for 30 minutes. This does not necessarily mean that the connectors can operate underwater at the specified conditions; the rating only ensures that the device will work after being removed from the water and that the enclosure experienced no ingress.


The environmental sealing capability of IP67 waterproof connectors makes it a great choice for potentially harsh applications like industrial machinery, test and measurement equipment, GPS systems, communications systems, and security and surveillance equipment. You might find these connectors covered in sawdust, caught in the thick of a building’s construction, or standing strong at an offshore wind farm. Some IP67-rated connector types include D-sub connectors, circular connectors, industrial Ethernet connectors, mini USB 2.0 connectors, and fiber optic connectors. They come in both standard and custom designs with thousands of styles, configurations, and functionalities available. So no matter what the situation, you can find suitable IP67 waterproof connectors.


Positronic offers several choices of IP-rated connectors. One IP67 waterproof connectors family is the environmentally sealed waterproof D-sub. This product line reflects the industry’s demand for affordable connectors that are compatible with IEC 60529 and NEMA 250-1991 performance requirements for electrical enclosures. This series features sealed panel mount options with PCB or solder cup terminations, and sealed cable options with pre-wired or crimp removable contacts. This product will protect connectors and enclosures from harsh environments where both dust and moisture contaminate.

Positronic also offers an IP67 option within the Front Runner circular connector family. These lightweight, non-corrodible connectors have many contact insert options in both size 11 and size 19 shell sizes. The machined contacts are made from solid copper alloy and come in a variety of termination types including right angle PCB solder. Other features include hot plug capability, two-level sequential mating, EMI/RFI shielding and a wide variety of accessories and options.

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