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What is PosiBand?


Closed entry female contacts are often used to enhance the performance and reliability of connectors. In many cases, a sleeve is placed over a standard “split tine” contact to achieve the closed entry feature. However, true closed entry contacts have an unbroken ring of solid material at the face of the contact. This design offers a degree of increased reliability while the split tine approach has its inherent weaknesses. The PosiBand overcomes these weaknesses!


  • PosiBand is more robust than the split tine contact, which can be pried open in harsh environments, resulting in reduced normal force and degradation of electrical performance.
  • PosiBand has greater surface area at the male and female contact interface, resulting in more consistent electrical performance.
  • Resistance of size 22 contacts is 0.005 ohms, maximum. Resistance of size 20 contacts is 0.004 ohms, maximum. Low contact resistance offers opportunities to use size 22 and size 20 contacts for power.
  • PosiBand has lower average insertion forces, resulting in greater ease in mating, especially in larger high density connectors. The average lower insertion force is accomplished while meeting or exceeding performance requirements.
  • The PosiBand’s contact body does not require annealing of the crimp barrels, as does the split tine design. This eliminates the concern of unintentionally heat-treating the mating end of the contact, which can cause electrical failure.
  • PosiBand is qualified under SAE AS39029 and MIL-DTL-24308 specifications. PosiBand is also qualified under GSFC S-311-P4/08 and GSFC S-311-P4/10 to the higher 40 gram contact separation test requirement.
  • PosiBand is protected by US Patent 7,115,002.

PosiBand is currently available in the following products: Standard Density D-subminiature, High Density D-subminiature, Combo-D D-subminiature, SpaceFlight D-subminiature (High Performance D-subminiature), High Density Rectangular, Scorpion Power, and Low-Profle Scorpion Power connectors.