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OCP (Open Compute) Power Connectors

OCP (Open Compute) Power ConnectorsIn 2009 Meta (formerly Facebook) set out to design the world’s most energy-efficient datacenter — one that could handle unprecedented scale at the lowest possible cost. Upon completion, the datacenter was nearly 40% more energy efficient to build and 24% less costly to operate than the company’s previous generation datacenters. Due to this overwhelming success, in 2011, Meta shared its open-source designs with the public and, in cooperation with Intel, Rackspace, and select investors, launched the Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation.

Positronic is a proud sponsor and active participant in OCP and boasts nearly a decade of selling power connector products into OCP applications. Positronic co-authored many aspects of OCP’s Open Rack V3 (ORV3) Power Shelf Universal Input Connector specification and designed the power connector components found within. Positronic designed the OCP ORV3 universal AC input connector based on what we have learned about power management through nearly three decades of developing power connectors for specific applications. We have extended that effort by also offering turn-key AC whip cable assemblies to ORV3 specifications.

We have developed several versions of the AC whip input cable assembly with the Positronic ORV3 connector content on one end and an IEC or NEMA AC receptacle connector on the other end. We have options for open wire AC whip assemblies for those customers that wish to terminate the AC receptacle connector themselves. This strategy gives additional options to our customers and optimizes the cost and lead time to bring their OCP-compliant end products to market.

As far as the connectors are concerned, Positronic has a wide variety of OCP power connector options available for the male connector, which is used on the power shelf. These options range from the standard right angle PCB solder versions to tailored ones, which include options for straight PCB solder, modified PC tail lengths, and the ability to wire terminate some or all of the contacts in the male connector, among others. Click here for more information about ORV3-specific products.

We want to ensure that every customer building OCP-compliant hardware has our full support to meet their program needs. Positronic is proud to provide products that meet the mission and performance metrics of the Open Compute Project Community’s needs. Contact us today for more information on OCP power connectors relating to pricing, delivery, or technical inquiries.