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Custom Connectors

Custom Connectors Overview

One thing that sets Positronic apart in the connector industry is our ability and desire to offer custom connectors at low volume. For Positronic, the phrase “custom connectors” covers the spectrum from a basic modification to an existing product all the way to a clean-sheet design done for a unique end user application. Although Positronic boasts a large catalog of standard products, customized solutions are common for us.

Download the article, Three Reasons to Choose Custom Connectors, to learn why a custom connector might be the right solution for your project.


Customers interested in a customized or modified solution are pleasantly surprised to learn about our reasonable minimum orders for such products. For those products that are modifications of a standard, a minimum buy of 25 pieces is typical. For those products that are highly unique or tooled specifically for a customer application, a 50 or 100 piece minimum buy is not uncommon. It is rare that we require a minimum buy exceeding 100 pieces.


Naturally there is a direct relationship between the complexity of the modification and the lead time — the more tooling changes required, the longer the lead time. Typical modifications of standard will add roughly two weeks to the standard part lead time. A solution that requires new injection mold tooling, for instance, can take up to 16 weeks with the average closer to 12 weeks from the time the design is approved by the customer.


Like lead times, NRE will vary depending on the complexity of the modification or customization. For basic modifications, there is typically no NRE. For medium complexity modifications, NRE can range from $500 to $5000. For a clean-sheet designed solution that requires extensive tooling, NRE ranges from $5000 and up depending on complexity and scope. Overall Positronic treats NRE as a means-to-an-end. We want your business on custom projects and will work with you to meet your design requirements and stay within your NRE budget.


If you are interested in custom connectors from Positronic, the first step is to make contact with your local sales agent. They will begin by collecting your design requirements and doing a survey of our existing products to see if an existing solution exists. If it does not, they will walk you through the process of getting started. We look forward to working with you on your customized solution.