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Positronic recognizes the importance of supplying crimp, insertion, removal and press-fit tools to ensure the proper and efficient use of our products.

Removable Contact Tooling Cross Reference
Press-fit Contact Tooling Cross Reference
Astronics ECBU – Astronics Corepower ECBU Cable Connector User Guide

Tool Descriptions

Cycle-Controlled Hand Crimp Tools

crimp tools
Most hand crimp tools are adjustable and produce a four double-indent crimp configuration. Four double-indent crimping requires an interchangeable positioner. Each positioner is equipped with a name plate that gives the recommended crimp depth setting for common wire sizes. Some contacts require a hex-shaped crimp, for which special tools are available.

Insertion and Removal Tools

insertion removal tools
Insertion tools are used for insertion of contacts into the rear of the connector. Removal tools allow for the extraction of removable contacts from the connector.

Press-fit Tools

press fit tools
Various press-fit tools are available, which are typically used with customer-supplier arbor press equipment. The press-fit tool allows for the connector to be pressed into the PCB without resulting damaging to the connector or the PCB. Some connectors require a support tool be placed beneath the PCB. Our press-fit tool technology exerts force on individual contacts, rather than on the insulator.

Detailed Instructions

Click here to view detailed crimping instructions based on contact type.