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Positronic is thrilled to announce the expansion of our A Series backshells with three new banded derivatives – the AP, AK, and AW Series for D-Sub connectors. Building upon the success of the original line, these three new banded backshell products are capable of providing even more versatility and reliable functionality.



The Original A Series

Our A Series backshells are widely recognized for their durability, lightweight construction, and exceptional shielding capabilities. Designed to provide strain relief and ensure optimal cable support, they have become a go-to selection for mission-critical applications across multiple sectors. The original line includes three products:

  • A: standard height, top entry
  • AS: standard height, side entry
  • AL: low profile, top entry

The A Series Line, Expanded

The new banded backshell derivatives expand the options available within the A Series, providing even greater flexibility for designers and engineers. Let’s take a closer look at the three new additions – the AP, AK, and AW:

  1. AP – Standard Height, Banded Top Entry: The AP backshell offers the same standard height as the original A Series but with the added convenience of a banded top entry. The banded design ensures secure cable routing and strain relief, making it ideal for applications where cable management is crucial.
  2. AK – Standard Height, 45-Degree Banded Side Entry: The AK backshell combines the standard height of the A Series with a 45-degree banded side entry. This angled configuration allows for easier cable routing and installation in tight spaces, making it particularly suitable for densely packed PCB stacks.
  3. AW – Low Profile, Banded Top Entry: The AW backshell maintains the low-profile design of the original AL model while introducing the banded top entry. This combination is perfect for applications where space is limited, as it allows for efficient cable management without compromising on performance.

Featuring Banded, Knurled, Slotted Entry

One of the key standout features of the new derivatives is the banded, knurled, slotted entry. This innovative design ensures a secure grip on the cable and facilitates easy installation, even in challenging environments. Because of this feature, users can confidently rely on backshells from Positronic to maintain optimal cable integrity and provide dependable strain relief.

Applications Across Various Industries

The A Series backshells, including the newly introduced banded AP, AK, and AW lines, cater to a wide range of industries. Here are just a few sectors that benefit from these high-quality products:

  • Aircraft Power & Signal
  • Airframe Installation
  • Avionics and Instrumentation
  • Cabin Service Systems
  • Helicopters
  • IFEC and Seating
  • Commercial Aerospace
  • Communications
  • Missiles
  • Naval
  • Other Military
  • Space – Satellites
  • UAVs
  • Vehicles / Ground Systems
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Railway / Mass Transit
  • Marine
  • Medical

Learn More About Machined Aluminum Backshells

Whether you need standard height or low-profile options, top entry or side entry, the A Series offers a comprehensive range of backshells to suit your needs in demanding applications across industries. Upgrade your connector designs with the enhanced functionality and reliability of A Series backshells and their new banded derivatives – AP, AK, and AW.

Explore more detailed information about the features, specifications, and customization options available on our website or by contacting our PosiLive team.

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