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Positronic is pleased to announce the release of the EL Low Profile Aluminum D-Sub/Mach-D Series Backshells. The EL Series boasts an aluminum backshell construction and electroless nickel plating. The result? A lightweight backshell that is durable enough for robust use in demanding applications.

Positronic EL Backshells

Features of Our New EL Series

The EL Series backshell features a banded top elliptical entry, knurled with tie wrap; a grounding strip and conductive gasket; beryllium copper grounding clip; stainless steel passivated screws and jackscrews; and a metal construction that offers EMI protection. The backshells are also re-openable. In addition to being RoHS compliant, the EL Low Profile Aluminum Backshell Series is suitable for performance in operating temperatures between -60°C and +204°C. Available in sizes 9, 15, 25, 37, 50, and 104.

Built for the Toughest Conditions

Lightweight, durable, and rugged, the Positronic EL Series backshell is constructed to ensure reliable, high-performance connections even in the most demanding environments: aerospace, space travel, military, and industrial.

Ready for Liftoff

Because of the particular demands of space, connectors and backshells certified for aerospace and spaceflight applications must meet a number of unique requirements. For example, they must be durable enough to ensure longevity, even as they withstand harsh environmental conditions like shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures. But the severe size and weight limitations inherent to spaceflight means that backshells and connectors must also be lightweight and low profile.

EL Series aluminum backshells meet stringent requirements set forth by NASA and are suitable for both aerospace and spaceflight applications.

Ready for a Call to Action

Military connectors and backshells must provide reliable performance in applications ranging from communication systems, navigation, and radar to marine guidance control and electronic warfare. Strength and precision are paramount: connectors and backshells must be built to withstand not just combat environments, but also turbulence, extreme heat, powerful winds, and more.

The EL Series aluminum backshells are well suited for military use, with customization options allowing them to be tailored to a wide range of military applications. This series of backshells features full metal captive jackscrews UNC 4-40 standard, with M3 options also available.


With its durable yet lightweight and low-profile construction, the Positronic EL Series exists at the intersection of flexibility and strength — designed to provide superior, long-lasting, reliable performance in the toughest conditions, from military to industrial to aerospace.

For similar items, you can find the rest of our backshell offerings in our catalog. Or you can find a distributor to shop more Positronic products.

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