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You need premium power and signal connectors that combine reliability with power and efficiency. That’s where Combo-D connectors from Positronic come in. Our combo-D connectors provide the ultimate integration of power and signal in a single, compact connector. These connectors are designed to offer an all-encompassing solution for your power and signal connection needs, providing space-saving versatility, reliability, precision, and power even in the most demanding environments. What sets our Combo-D connector family apart from the competition? Let’s explore the details . . .

Positronic Combo-D Connector

Combo-D Connectors: Standout Features

Versatility and Flexibility

Combo-D connectors offer an impressive range of mixed contact combinations with the ability to incorporate several contact types including:

  • Power
  • Shielded
  • Radio Frequency
  • High Voltage
  • Thermocouple
  • Signal

With over 20 connector variants across six standard shell sizes, you can rest assured there’s a layout engineered for your needs. An extensive array of mounting hardware, backshells, plating options, and locking systems are available to enhance flexibility, allowing for seamless integration into your system.

Space-Saving Design

Combo-D connectors pack their all-in-one versatility into a single, compact package. Not only does this revolutionary design feature save valuable space, but it also simplifies the all-important process of organizing and maintaining connections.

Power and Precision

Ideal for high-speed and high-frequency applications, Combo-D connectors come equipped with precision-machined Posiband signal contacts to ensure reliable transmission with minimal signal loss, even when performing in challenging environments where they might experience extreme temperatures, shocks, and vibrations.

For power-hungry applications, our female power contacts feature a generous surface area and closed entry design, effectively minimizing resistance and effortlessly handling up to 70 amperes. When high-speed data transfer is a must, our Twinax, Coax, and Fiber Optic contacts are available and ready to deliver exceptional performance.

Cross-Industry Performance Options

The level of performance you require from your connectors may vary depending on your application. You can choose Combo-D connectors in a range of performance levels including industrial, and mil/aero, and spaceflight. That means that no matter your particular cost/performance ratio requirements, you can find the connector best suited to meet those needs. Connectors include the following series and subseries:

  • CBCD
  • CBF
  • CBC
  • Connector Saver

CB Series

Combination D-subminiature (CB) series connectors offer all the following:

  • Fixed size 20 signal contacts and size 8 power, shielded, and high voltage contacts (standard density)
  • Fixed size 22 signal contacts and size 8 contacts or size 16 power contacts (high-density)
  • Availability at industrial, mil/aero, and spaceflight performance levels
  • Thermocouple contact options
  • CBD series connectors meet IEC 60807-2 performance requirements, Performance Level One or Two
  • Military-grade CBM series meet DSCC 85039 requirements

CBC Series

Combination D-subminiature crimp contacts (CBC) series connectors offer the following:

  • Crimp removable contacts for signal, power, shielded, and high voltage applications
  • Standard and high-density versions
  • Thermocouple options available
  • Meet the requirements of IEC 60807-3 (Performance Levels One and Two), DSCC 85039, and MIL-DTL-24308

CBDP Series

Combination contact dual port connectors (CBDP) series contacts feature the following:

  • Seventeen different combinations of power and signal contact stacked assemblies
  • Size 20 signal contacts and size 8 power contacts
  • Compliance with dimensional requirements of IEC 60807-2 and DSCC 85039

ACBDP and ACBMP Series

Combo-D connector savers in the ACBDP and ACBMP family offer the following:

  • Precision-machined size 20 and size 8 contacts for strength and durability
  • Female contacts with rugged “open entry” design or PosiBand “closed entry” design (ACBDP)
  • Female contacts with PosiBand “closed entry” contacts and military contact plating (ACBMP)
  • Availability in all standard combo-D variants in shell sizes 1 through 6
  • Optional high density 8W2, 19W1, and 45W2 adapter variants

Remember that Positronic Combo-D connectors can be modified to meet your particular needs. Does your application require longer PCB terminations, sealing for water resistance, or a modification to gain creepage and clearing distances? Wondering if a Combo-D connector can be engineered to fit your particular hardware? Whatever specification or modification you require, contact Technical Sales to learn how Positronic can help you secure connectors designed for your exact requirements.

At Positronic, we approach connector manufacturing as a science, finding creative solutions that push the limits of performance. Whatever your custom connector needs, you can trust Positronic to deliver. Contact us today.

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