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SP Max

High-reliability power & signal connector with metal shell


The most versatile power/signal connectors on the market

Great Golden

An extreme power connector capable of up to 200 amps per contact


High performance D-Sub connector for use in harsh environments

Standard Density

Standard density D-subs with size 20 machined contacts

High Density

High density D-subs with size 22 machined contacts


Mixed density D-sub to mix power, signal, coax, high voltage and fiber optic

IP67 Waterproof

For applications requiring IP65/IP67 waterproofing characteristics


Help prevent unwanted wear during testing or act as gender changers


Feedthroughs for vacuum applications

Talon Mini

Quarter-turn, a metal high-reliability circular connector for power and signal use including GbE

Circle Hex

Circular hex connectors for legacy avionics applications

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