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Mr. RocqueMr. Rocque was interviewed by Melanie Scott, Marketing Communications Manager at Positronic

Last month Positronic shared the exciting news of Gregory (Greg) Rocque joining the company as President. With his background in manufacturing, supply chain management, and serving on our Board of Directors for the last eight years, Positronic has already had the opportunity to benefit from his leadership. While the addition of Greg is seamless for Positronic, we wanted to share how his leadership will enhance your experience when doing business with the company.

I had the privilege to interview Greg and ask him what elements of his leadership style you will notice, and what transformations will be implemented that will allow Positronic to better serve you.

Why Greg?
Greg is a great fit for Positronic because he has led both domestic and international manufacturing businesses – and in a variety of industries – from food services to heavy duty automotive components. He has experience in implementing Lean Manufacturing, which is a process of minimizing “waste,” such as uneven workloads, without sacrificing productivity. The process allows a company to see what things add value and remove what does not add value, resulting in an improved customer experience. As a Positronic customer, an example is shorter lead times for your orders.

What Will Change at Positronic?
I asked Greg what you would notice about his leadership, and he said, “a customer- and market-oriented culture.” What does that mean? Greg shared that when you align your company culture to meet the demands of even the most discriminating customer, stronger relationships develop, and everyone benefits from the process. How will this be accomplished? He added, “We will put intense attention on industry-leading lead times, quality, and reliability. For over 50 years, customers have relied on us to provide connector solutions, and we are going to give them good reason to continue.”

Meeting Your Demands
New applications for connectors and demand for modern products are being created all the time. I asked Greg how Positronic would respond to these trends. “We want to be a partner that customers can rely on for front-end innovation and custom solutions,” Greg stated. He added that Positronic seeks to support your success, engaging with you throughout the project life cycle and allow for the best possible outcome. “Positronic is well-prepared to partner with customers on both short-term solutions and long-term ideas. This can be as simple as calling to ask a question and speaking directly to our experts for a quick response to face-to-face meetings where engineers work together to overcome new challenges.”

What’s Next?
Last, Greg shared that there are exciting days to come at Positronic, and we look forward to advancing the business to meet the needs of customers. We will align our culture to build strong relationships with suppliers and customers, allowing for a cycle of success.

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