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by Natesh Kannan, Global Product Manager, Positronic

Whether it’s a complex problem, sentence, machine or system, the best way to understand, re-create, or simplify the complexity is to break it down into its component parts. When you break apart most large and complex creations, you’re left with an assortment of simpler parts. This concept is central to the idea of modular design, which uses standardized parts (or independent units) to build a more complicated structure. Modular design is common in a variety of products ranging from furniture to software to electronics.

It’s a strength that Positronic brings to the world of high-reliability electrical connectors.

The term “modular” identifies a family of connectors that can be tailored to a customer’s goals within some defined product parameters and limitations. For instance, the customer can build the contact arrangement from pre-existing ‘building blocks’ to most closely match their application’s requirements.

Positronic connectors are customizable and configurable based on various customer-defined factors, such as voltage, current, circuit and size, etc. Our modular connectors give engineers full freedom to design their system. We call these Positronic connectors “true modular.”


Positronic offers several true modular connectors, but our most popular modular connectors are the Scorpion and Low Profile Scorpion product lines. Customers have a choice of creating their connector from over a million combinations from our Scorpion series. It offers the widest range of contact sizes and voltage options in the industry. Because of our true modularity, customers around the world are using it for various applications, and the Scorpion series is being used in almost every industry.

Because of its modularity, the Scorpion (which can be used as a power connector, a signal connector, or a hybrid of the two) is one of the most versatile connectors on the market. It has optional features such as PosiBand closed entry contacts, multiple power contact sizes, extreme blind mating capability, sequential mating, venting, press-fit PCB terminations, and a variety of accessories.

The Low-Profile Scorpion offers similar features to its larger cousin, but in a more streamlined package.

ModularThe Great Golden, a Type 1 modular connector, is a connector powerhouse. It can produce up to 800 amps in a current dense 118mm-wide housing. The customer can choose one of five modules for each of the four insert positions.

Modular connectors like the Scorpion and Great Golden allow design engineers to achieve their ideal size, weight, and power (SWaP) combination by configuring these products to their liking.

Positronic true modular connectors can be quickly produced for prototype and evaluation purposes for any requested quantities. If a customer would like to change their design, our modular connectors can be produced according to customer’s new design relatively quickly, without full re-tooling cost. Full functional parts can be produced in quantities as few as 3 pieces.

As an engineer, I love true modular connectors because they give every engineer the ability to configure a connector with appropriate creepage and clearance for high voltage applications. Modularity offers a wide range of mounting options, termination types, and accessories with solid power contacts, which helps to enhances system efficiency.

Modular connectors are not new to the industry and connector companies around the world have modular connectors in their product line. But most manufacturers’ modularity has limitations in several aspects, compared to Positronic’s true modular connectors.

Traditionally, customers face the problem of retooling if there are changes to their design. During their design iteration, engineers sometimes need a few options to prove their POC (proof of concept). If fixed connectors are forcing the customer to design their system around the fixed standard connectors, then modular is the way to go.

With the taste of great success from Positronic’s true modular connectors, we are developing exciting new products with similar modularity. One such product to look for is our Scorpion MAX. This new product will feature true modularity with the enhanced performance and qualifications needed for the mil-aero market.

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