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Whether you need connectors for military applications, avionics equipment, or communication systems, when you’re looking for M24308 connectors, you want the real deal. A product that’s simply intermatable or dimensionally equivalent can’t compare with a qualified connector that has been rigorously reviewed, tested, and approved for inclusion on a Qualified Products List (QPL). At Positronic, unlike some of our competitors, we are committed to developing products that meet and exceed the stringent qualification requirements established by U.S. Government Qualifying Activities. We provide qualified M24308 connectors – genuine, proven, and reliable. For more information about M24308 connectors and Qualified Products Lists, please scroll down.


Exploring Qualified M24308 Connectors

About M24308 Connectors

Also known as MIL-DTL-24308, the M24308 connector is a United States military standard of D-subminiature, or D-sub, connector. Compact, efficient, and reliable, M24308 connectors boast solid, machined contacts and a variety of design possibilities when it comes to class, type, and contact termination:

  • Classes: General, space, or non-magnetic
  • Contact Terminations: Crimp (removable), solder cup (non-removable) contacts
  • Layout Types: Standard density, high density
  • Mounting: Crimp, solder cup, and straight or right-angle printed circuit board (PCB) mount


Designed for a wide operating temperature range – from -55° Celsius to +125° Celsius – M24308 connectors work well in applications with space and weight restrictions that also require an abundance of circuits. You will often find them used in communications, information technology, aircraft missiles and related ground support systems, satellites, computer peripheral equipment, and industrial instrumentation.

If your application requires an M24308, be sure that you select a fully and truly qualified product – not one that’s merely intermatable and/or dimensionally equivalent.

About Qualified Products Lists

How can you know if a product, such as an M24308 connector, has met the qualification demands of the applicable specification? For example, does it have the appropriate product identification? What about tests or qualification references? You need a Qualified Products List.

Used by government activities to secure a list of approved supply sources for needed items, a Qualified Products List is “a listing of products or family of products that have met the qualification requirements set forth in the applicable specification, including appropriate product identification, tests or qualification reference, and the name and plant address of the manufacturer and authorized distributor” (source).

By establishing an inventory of formally evaluated products, Qualified Products Lists offer the following advantages to industries:

  • Proven Technologies: Products included on a Qualified Products List have been rigorously reviewed and tested to ensure they meet the specified requirements – and also retested periodically. This ensures product performance, confirms the product is free from defects, and eliminates the need to demonstrate performance for each job. If a product passes all these steps, you can feel confident that it will deliver superior quality.
  • High Reliability: In many applications, quality is not an option; it’s a necessity. When you purchase a qualified product, you can rest assured of its reliability. If a product has been approved by a QPL after stringent testing, you can trust that it will deliver high-quality, dependable performance.
  • Increased Speed: Identifying and procuring high-caliber products can take a lot of time and research. Because QPL standards are very specific and necessitate a rigorous review process, you can trust in their reliability, which means you can speed up the procurement and assembly qualification processes.
  • Standards Met or Exceeded: Acceptance by a QPL proves that the manufacturer’s products or processes comply with the requirements of the governing specification. In some cases, the product doesn’t just meet the standards – it exceeds them.

The M24308 Connectors Offered by Positronic

M24308If you’re looking for D-subminiature connectors that are truly mission-critical and properly qualified, look no further than Positronic. Our MIL-DTL-24308 (M24308) high-reliability connectors are 100% qualified, having received QPL approval after stringent testing. Unlike some of our competitors, whose products are simply “intermatable” with M24308 connectors or dimensionally equivalent, Positronic manufactures genuine M24308 connectors.

We believe in crafting high-quality connectors that meet the standards laid out in QPLs. Our design and manufacturing processes meet and often exceed our customers’ needs for quality and reliability. And to suit the needs of our varied customers, we have a plethora of options available. If you would like to request product recommendations, locate a sales agent, ask a technical question, or simply request a quote, please contact Positronic today.

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