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by Roger Chen, Asia Regional Sales Manager at Positronic

Power connectors are devices that allow an electrical current to pass through it for the exclusive purpose of providing power (not a data stream, for example). These connectors can be used with many different types of electronics and customers must find the specific type of connector that best matches their electronics’ geometry and electrical needs.

Although not an objective measurement, a “high power” connector typically is a connector capable of carrying over 30 amperes of current. Power connectors come in all shapes and sizes, and with various abilities, options, and accessories, but their purpose always comes back to one all-important thing: power.

If you need a power supply connector, begin the selection process by examining the manufacturers who offer power connectors. Start with three questions:

  1. man at deskDoes the manufacturer you’re considering have ample experience with power connectors? Not just a company that has sold power connectors for a long time—perhaps many years—but one that has continually upgraded and innovated.
  2. Does the supplier provide in-house design and development if you need it, as well as internal manufacturing capabilities?
  3. Does the company offer quality support, including standardized compliance, international and customer-specific environmental requirements, and in-house quality assurance programs?

Once you have chosen a vendor, look at the connectors themselves.

You’ll want to look for products that offer a low contact resistance, mixed density options, and multiple package sizes. The supplier should offer both press-fit and solder terminations, blind mating, the availability of having a locking system, and sequential mating options.

Next, ask if all the contacts are under load or only a few? Are the connectors wire or PCB terminated? What wire gauge was used? Are the connectors tested in still air? How is failure defined? Only when the test method is clearly understood can you evaluate and accurately compare power connectors.

Positronic Power Connectors

Positronic offers a variety of power connector series. All Positronic power connectors boast low contact resistance, an environmentally conscious feature that saves energy by reducing the amount of energy converted to heat during operation.

  • Scorpion SeriesSP series connector
    • Design your own connector with our Scorpion series! The Scorpion connector can be configured as a power connector, a signal connector, or both, and it offers nearly limitless combinations. Perfect to achieve that ideal blend of size, weight, and power (SWaP). Add options for blind mating, float mount, panel mount, and cable connector options, as well as integral locking systems.
  • Goldfish, Infinity, and Great Golden SeriesGG series connector
    • Goldfish, Infinity and Great Gold connectors all offer excellent blind mating.
    • For ultra-high power interface, consider the Infinity, Great Golden or Sumo power connectors. Developed to reflect the system design challenges created by increasing power consumption, these series offer multiple variations, features, and sizes.
  • AutoShunt Connector System (PLZ Series)
    • An innovative alternative to current transformer (CT) shorting blocks. This power connector can be used in any application that requires circuits to be shorted together. It features machined contacts available in a wide range of wire sizes and has current ratings at 15 amperes per contact. It’s quick, easy and reduces operating costs.

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