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For over 30 years, Plasmotech has been a global leader in precision molding, with their decades of experience putting them at the forefront of the high-reliability electronic connectors industry. That’s why, in 2017, Positronic embraced an opportunity to make Plasmotech part of Positronic, investing significantly in the company to acquire a majority stake. Today, Positronic is proud to announce that we have officially completed our acquisition of Plasmotech. As complete owners of Plasmotech, we are excited to further expand our in-house capabilities for the design and fabrication of precision mold tools, injection molding of precision plastic components, and cost-sensitive assembly processes. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this meaningful milestone!

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Plasmotech Engineered Plastics

Why Plasmotech?

At Plasmotech, precision is more than just a buzzword. Since 1994, Plasmotech has been at the forefront of serving the automotive, electrical component, electronic connector, and general industrial markets with engineered solutions centered on high-precision, mass-produced molded products. Plus, the company boasts over 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space in their Singapore and Indonesia facilities.

With 200+ employees, decades of experience, and the physical space required to take on nearly any project, Plasmotech has long-shown that they have the capabilities, experience, and resources to deliver exceptional results worldwide, from high quality products, customer service, and satisfaction to low costs and lead times.

Positronic and Plasmotech: A Perfect Match

The acquisition of Plasmotech began in 2017, when Positronic acquired a majority stake in the company, embracing the opportunity to make Plasmotech part of the Positronic family. Five years later, in December of 2022, the acquisition process finally concluded when Positronic gained 100-percent ownership of the company. Both companies are thrilled to begin this exciting new chapter, building on their already-strong and fruitful partnership.

“This investment strengthens our in-house capabilities for the design and fabrication of precision mold tools, injection molding of precision plastic components, and an established location for cost-sensitive assembly processes,” states Positronic General Manager David Kean. “Plasmotech has been a valuable partner of Positronic for many years and provides a synergistic and strategic element as we continue to execute our aggressive growth plan.”

What Does This Mean for Plasmotech?

Plasmotech has a strong history and unimpeachable reputation. The company’s legacy of success will continue as part of Positronic, and Plasomotech’s current management team will continue to lead. Together, Plasmotech and Positronic will carry on working as a team to further enhance their capabilities when it comes to tool making, injection molding, assembling, and more, enabling both teams to provide even better products and services to their cherished customers.

Positronic is proud to be a global partner and world-class provider of the best innovative solutions for demanding interconnect applications. We strive to uphold our reputation for excellence while sticking to our core company values: integrity, growth, innovation, teamwork, and community. We’re proud to partner with Plasmotech, whose mission has always been to provide exceptional service and products to their customers through quality, delivery, competitiveness, and continual improvement. Working together, we’re excited to seek out innovative new ways to reach our goals while upholding our mutual vision.

To learn what Positronic and Plasmotech can do for you, contact us any time.

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